Luxury, contemporary, practical and couture – Apu Jan is no stranger to creating a collection which evokes feelings. And since his debut collection in 2013, he has perfected his art of luxury womenswear. This year, drawing inspiration from fantasy and time his Spring / Summer 2019 collection visualises ‘Those vanishing strange creates’, an ode to the animals in our ecosystem which are close to becoming extinct and therefore disappearing from the world and taking away the clothing they provide to fashion with them. The collection mixes styles of traditional hand-knitting, jacquard fabrics, hand embroidery, pure silks and woven hats.  Details of traditional oriental clothing has been deconstructed and reinvented into breathtaking styles. Focusing solely on preservation of animals, Apu Jan picks the leopard cat, of which only 300 are left in his hometown, and brings the awareness of ‘the vanishing creatures’ to life on a life size minimalistic white tree centrepiece  set in The Swiss Church with soft live jazz music in background. He brings a level of sophistication and class to the runway, a slow and gradual ascending journey of elegance to experimental elegance for the modern woman. The collection showcases pieces and looks which emanate fairytale and fable like dresses, like wearable art. In his own way, he petitions to prevent urban development in an attempt to save lives of tress, leopards, honey bees and other strange creatures beyond the trees and heroically find them another habitat – in his clothes.