The fashion world has always taken influences from a multitude of sources and art has not been an exception . Numerous designers have looked at different forms of artistic expression and translated that into their collections. One of the designers that have taken this concept to another level is Burberry that has started to reference directly artists , making their collections into exhibitions . The brand has its own venue at the Burberry Makers House in London which is gradually becoming a fashion hotspot.

The February 2017 show , as they call their S/S 2017 collection , was an ode to the British sculptor Henry Moore mixing textures , shapes and fabrics developed in a fluid, relaxed but at the same time elegant aesthetic and was followed by the Henry Moore: Inspiration & Process exhibition. The collection felt raw and contemporary but kept in line the brand’s heritage and strong statement pieces . Cristopher Bailey worked with Henry Moore’s daughter in order to make the artist’s influence relevant to the creative process . Bailey took inspiration literally from Moore’s cool and relaxed style using his blue , work uniform  but also reinterpreted the artist’s lumpy , suave and asymmetric sculptures . A special characteristic of the collection was the use of jersey that is not something usually seen at Burberry but that was incorporated smoothly , Bailey making it a natural extension of the brand’s vision .

burberry_makers_house_london_2017 burberry_makers_house_london_2017 burberry_makers_house_london_2017

Bailey also used a forgotten staple of the house : the cape and made a capsule collection of 78 couture designs. Each piece is unique and it is made-to-order . The designer stated that in their construction he incorporated ‘ unexpected materials and intricate techniques’ as feathers , ruffles, chain mail , beads , lace and many more elaborated textural fabrics.

This collection is a clear proof of how art impacts fashion and how it builds a contextual world around it making designs come to life through their stories . Bailey has exquisitely combined the two , blurring the lines between Burberry and Henry Moore ‘s work , blending their concepts together and creating something nostalgic but at the same time innovative .