Luxury, contemporary, practical and couture – Apu Jan is no stranger to creating a collection which evokes feelings. And since his debut collection in 2013, he has perfected his art of luxury womenswear. This year, drawing inspiration from fantasy and time his Spring / Summer
Nicopanda_LondonFashionWeek_SpringSummer2019_ September2018_FEMagazine
It’s disco balls, skintight velour, pixie dust coated pink hair after-hours part at the Nico Panda Spring / Summer 2019 at London Fashion Week. Fierceness and glamour meet Friday night in 1999 sums up the over the ten-piece collection, giving the brand’s fans exactly what
Appealing to the younger and cooler kids, Fyodor Golan uses bold colours, washed out denim and sonic the hedgehog for Spring / Summer 2019. Bright colours are used to pair with  abandoned elements such as sea shells, pearls and plastic waste is all re-used to
Designer Marta Jakubowski takes a stroll down her teenage memory lane with her Spring / Summer 2019 collection. Think figure hugging long hemmed dresses, big brimmed straw sun hats and stilettos sum up the  runway as Marta takes us back to when ‘dressing up’ meant
Xu Zhi showcased a strong collection inspired by the greatest female American poet Emily Dickinson with timeless, classy and glamorous evening pieces. Like Emily’s work, the collection is strong yet feminine and romantic but unconventional. Devoting her life to nature and poetry, Emily’s work spoke