Appealing to the younger and cooler kids, Fyodor Golan uses bold colours, washed out denim and sonic the hedgehog for Spring / Summer 2019. Bright colours are used to pair with  abandoned elements such as sea shells, pearls and plastic waste is all re-used to make up the details in the collection. The brand uses ‘sporty survivalism’ as the baseline and add’s atheleisure, shimmer, metallic and shine to dress up the looks. The whacky and fun aspect of the brand is still intact this collection and it show’s in the fun elements and flirty, strong yet feminine skirts and dresses. By no means is it boring, rather bold as the looks strut down the runway one by one in their characters, emphasising recycled materials and focusing on creating beautiful pieces using ‘washed up’ and raw plastics. The pop culture designs have been worn by the likes of model Bella Hadid and British singer Dua Lipa over the past seasons and it’s popularity increases in the fashion industry.