Founded by none other than Prof.Jimmy Choo and Central Saint Martin’s graduate, Reggie Hung who is a jewellery designer, show brand Gènavant debut’s at London Fashion Week. The London-based brand showcased Spring / Summer 2019 collection using colourful and bold satin bejewelled shoes with stones such as ruby, jade and sapphire. The collection consists of court shoes re-designer through Prof.Jimmy Choo and Reggie’s contemporary take on traditional crafts. There are lots of intricate details which show the depth and craft of both Prof.Jimmy Choo and Reggie’s attention to detail and the creativity added by both of them to create a luxury collaboration. There are embellished flowers embedded with glittering stones and birds with delicate stones, these details only elevate the collection and shows the creative input from both designers. The focus of the collection takes inspiration from 1940’s Shanghai from the culture clash of the bustling city. The collection impersonates the influence from the West (clothing and cinema) with old world and traditions of China. Balancing the traditional with modernity, female empowerment with freedom and elegance. The ornate collection is accompanied by Asian models wearing bespoke ‘qipao’, an iconic garment popular with female socialites and scholars in China. The rare collection will be show in Shanghai in November.