Designer Marta Jakubowski takes a stroll down her teenage memory lane with her Spring / Summer 2019 collection. Think figure hugging long hemmed dresses, big brimmed straw sun hats and stilettos sum up the  runway as Marta takes us back to when ‘dressing up’ meant stealing clothes from your mother’s wardrobe. The rebellion of the Marta Jakubowski woman is evident through the cheeky slits exposing the lower back, the low necklines and short mini dresses. The feminine collection boasts confidence and fun yet a sophisticated ode to Marta’s mother. Strong, empowered and powerful is the message and it’s no surprise she choose to use Elvie pump which is a silent wearable breast pump. A model and mother walked down the runway with an Elvie pump inside her bra designed for the woman on-the-go. As we the world changes it’s perspectives on women and women empowerment, it is designers like Marta who bring forward the fun, flirtatious yet strong and strength in the woman for who she designs her collections for and triumphantly changes what we see on the runway for the woman of today.