Young, educated, talented and creative describe Rayan and the women who wear Atelier Zuhra designs. Showcasing at Fashion Forward 2017 for the first time, Atelier Zuhra is a brand which is relatively new and revived for the women of now.

When did you start designing, and how did it come about?

Atelier Zuhra was established in July 2015, under business entrepreneur Mouza al Awfi who supported her dream to build a unique couture atelier in Dubai, to dress up women with glamour and perfection which she has passed on to the new Generation, her daughter, Rayan Al Sulaimani who raised the bar by scaling up the scenes and designs to more sophisticated and outstanding quality. I come up with ideas before launching the collection together with Ryan pacioles, and focus mainly on maintaining the quality of the gowns before launching them which makes them exquisite and unique. Coming from a business background have been motivating to be in fashion, which was always my desire and I’m convinced that I would keep on improving the quality and creative design for many years to come.

Where do your creative influences come from?

For this Collection, the inspiration was taken from “Barcelona and the Modern Mosaic” by Antonio Gaudi where in his radical approach to mosaics was to mix traditional, square cut tesserae with irregularly shaped pieces selected from broken ceramic tile- a technique appropriately called broken tile mosaics.

What type of women are you designing for?

We are designing for any women who really loves to wear impressive dresses, creatively beautiful combined with different variation of unique pieces which will allow them to outshine their true beauty from within.

How has the Dubai couture market influenced your designs and creative process

Atelier Zuhra competes in the fashion industry. The industry is very competitive with many players in the market. Dubai is endowed with many talented fashion designers. Thus, this creates a sense of urgency that makes Atelier Zuhra to be proactive in the industry and design high quality dresses with quality fabrics and innovative designs. Dubai is a fashion hub and a cosmopolitan country with different taste for international and domestic customers therefore we create designs to suit all.

How was your experience at Fashion Forward Dubai?

Fashion forward was a successful event for Atelier Zuhra, especially that it was our first time to launch our designs which attracted a lot of interest worldwide from middle east, Europe, India and Vancouver.

Describe your biggest achievements in fashion

Our biggest achievements were that our designs were appreciated worldwide and we were requested to dress up Celebrities Worldwide.

Describe your lowest points in fashion

The Lowest point for Atelier Zuhra was the time taken to be exposed in the fashion world.

What is next for Atelier Zuhra?

The next step for Atelier Zuhra is to be more creative, introduce new lines in the fashion world and to showcase our passion for fashion and creativity.



Images Courtesy of Rayan