When concepts of fashion are changing constantly, it is only fair we explore gender barriers in Fashion. Is the future Agender?

Fashion is a fast-paced industry that changes quicker than seasons. This means that it has many chances of improving ,reaching a higher state of understanding and acceptance than others parts of society do. For many decades now, fashion has been restricted to gender, with some exceptions throughout history which questioned the notion. Designers are trying to liberate their craft from the restraints. Journalist Ruth La Ferla picked up on this cultural shift that is becoming a massive trend in fashion calling it “The great gender blur” in 2015 . This new interpretation of clothing and the human body is changing how people think about clothes and how they present themselves and their creative expression.

Agender clothing has become a huge point of interest over the past seasons in fashion as designers find inspiration in the changes in society, where the LGBT movement is becoming more and more important and gender is losing its relevance. Genderless clothing still represents an utopian concept as it has not yet been introduced in many stores , especially not on the mass-market . Even if the marketing of the merchandise continues to be the same , divided into women and men sections , there are some changes in styles ,colours and shapes that are clearly a prologue to the new generation of genderless consumers. The mass-market retailers have started to catch up with this new way of seeing things as their offer is becoming more inclusive in all sections . Colour has transcended gender on the streets , men mixing the usual black outfit with pink to add a twist to their outfit. Some of the High street brands offering agender clothing are Vaquera, 69, Toogood, Kowtow and One DNA.




Dr. Martens are spotted all over London , men and women wearing them in different styles . The monotones and low intensity colours are being used as a low key version of femininity .










The lines are blurred , similar shapes and styles being worn by both sexes without any preconception.











Gender is starting to become a fluid notion which will liberate society from useless constraints and will help fashion to be accessible to anyone . This barriers once gone will help self-expression to reach a higher state and will bring an evolution to acceptance and freedom .