Five years into the fashion revolution and what is it that the fashion industry is focused on changing? It’s the issue of creating more sustainable and eco-friendly clothes which also give back to communities. It’s no longer a question of whether a brand or designer checks all the boxes for what we should be buying – it’s now more about if we can contribute to a good cause when we buy into those brands and designers. Does my purchase help the Earth and communities? Meet the designers and brands who are changing the face of fashion in 2018.




Launched this year, this London based fresh and minimal fashion advocate brand was started by a Bangladeshi factory owner along with Para Hamilton and creative director Ben Matthews. Offering a basics collection in Tencel (environmental friend fabric made out of wood cellulose) and organic cotton – theres a wide variety of bottoms, tops, bodysuits, jumpsuits, skirts, sweats and knits. The collection is classic, on trend and simple in design, making it the ultimate brand for basics. With your purchase you get a unique bar code which you can enter into the ‘vote‘ section to select from four charities Children’s Hope, War Child UK, Wild Aid and Big Life Foundation.


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A graduate from Central Saint Martins, the Irish designer is known for his practical and sustainable designs for womenswear. Ensuring that none of his designs are mass produced, he is mindful of sourcing specific fabrics which don’t harm the environment. His women fit a bespoke fashion category and each design is handmade and tailored to fit one woman, and not the mass. His aesthetics and values as a designer reach Millennia’s and without meaning to has become the voice of his generation who want to buy clothes which are fitted for them and have a meaning.


















Established in 2010, ASOS Edit is part of online retailer giant – offering sustainable fashion, beauty and jewellery. All the items purchased from this section support sustainable business practices, focus on preserving artisans and their work, help to build communities and alleviate poverty. Other than this, there are items on there which are made from recycled / up-cycled, organic and sustainable materials. Not only that, ‘Made in Kenya and Soko’ which is the flagship brand of Eco Edit. This collection is cut and designed by Soko which provides safe and fair working environment and training in unprivileged communities in Africa.

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4. Rêve En Vert

Housing nine sustainable fashion brands, online retailer Rêve En Vert offers eco activewear, jewellery, beauty and clothes. Founders Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker  “feel passionately about providing a platform that is a positive alternative to other shopping experiences, where everything you buy has been consciously made and also curated to reflect a specific sense of style” – And that is exactly what you will get out of your shopping experience with Rêve, offering you the latest trend-based fashion alternative.



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