Tall, young and fresh. Designer and owner Stanislava of Upper Cut Designs is just 23 with a label which rebels Dubai’s couture markets. Taking notes from her modelling career in Dubai, her approach to fashion is more minimal, high-end yet affordable.


Stemming from helping her mum style for music videos to now creating an athleisure and sports luxe brand, Stanislava has always been a dedicated fashion professional. “When my sisters friends would come over, I would dress and style them up and take pictures.” Despite her love for styling, it’s the design process and aspect which she prefers. Her roots come from modelling in Dubai, in 2012, which gave her the confidence to create her label. She confesses that “It’s the innovation and design which excites me more than fashion or trends. It’s the process and the hard work that is more appealing for me.”

Upper Cut Designs is a new concept in Dubai. The market here is more couture based she states. There is a huge gap in fashion where mid-level, good quality streetwear isn’t readily available. Stanislava’s concept is to eliminate this gap and create a niche market for a younger generation who may not be at couture yet and want bespoke street style designs. It hasn’t always been elementary for her to create the label. Finding it difficult to inspire herself and take inspiration from her surroundings didn’t come so easily. “I had a big lack of inspiration. I really missed something. Modelling was definitely not exciting for me anymore. It was the time for me to choose what to study and I was like ok that’s it. I then enrolled in Esmode.” After her graduation, a year later Stanislava started developing her concept and focused on her brand more than the modelling. Stocked in Atelier in Bulgaria and D3 Dubai Design District, the label offers exclusive Ready – To – Wear pieces.

What separates Upper Cut Design’s is that it brings a more cool and alternative fashion choice for a younger generation. It’s trendy, in-time and the pieces are high-end yet bring a vintage and luxe feel to the collection. Inspiration from Europe and other more alternative sources are clear in the Spring / Summer 2018 collection. It definitely challenges the normal street style brands readily available in Dubai currently.

“I always have some reference from sports. My mother is a gymnast and teaches the art. I also did gymnastics when I was younger. So my designs and collection always have a sports influence in them in one way or the other.” She brings a refreshing approach to her minimal designs, adding real-life influences and inspiration. ” Her Spring / Summer 2017 collection is called PUNCH DELIVERY. Designed for the modern and contemporary girl with an old soul. Inspired from cultures and traditions from around the globe but specifically from the African culture, this collection is a minimal version of explosive boxing ring.



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Photographer: Peter Richweisz