London based contemporary designer Xu Zhi yet again focuses on simplicity and refinement for his Autumn / Winter 2018 collection. Kicking off London Fashion Week with knitted perfection. Simply put, they are atelier designed pieces showcased at The Swiss Church London. In 2014 he launched his label, bringing his concepts and collections to life through tailoring and technique. Xu Zhi’s constraint of atelier tailoring and play with fringes, ruffles and pleats make the collection sophisticated yet young and wearable. The collection boasts signature oversized coats and jackets, fringes and mid-length skirts. Structuring and layering is apparent in all of the pieces, which is signature styling for the designer. It’s modern and contemporary, sophisticated yet edgy and the mid-length solid colour velour boots give it a fresh twist. It’s a collection which can be worn with minimal effort because each piece is a statement. Every year ZHI’s techniques progress and mature, and this is apparent in every season. Minimalistic style is his motto, but he isn’t a boring or simple  designer. When you look closely and examine the fabrics, patterns and small style details, you can see the complicated and thoughtful creative process.


Images: Olivia Foley