Xu Zhi showcased a strong collection inspired by the greatest female American poet Emily Dickinson with timeless, classy and glamorous evening pieces. Like Emily’s work, the collection is strong yet feminine and romantic but unconventional. Devoting her life to nature and poetry, Emily’s work spoke for her inner rich world which Xuzhi Chen translates to his clothes, spending his time to make sure this collection hopes to change your perspective of stereotypes – specifically allowing the change of what it is to be a woman today. The designer highlighted the parallel characteristic traits of Emily – strength and romance. While the silhouettes are feminine like long evening dresses and ballgowns, Xuzhi created 16 looks some of which are modern suits for women and more structured and edgy looks. The use of flowers from Emily’s personal leather-bound herbarium add’s texture, context and depth to the pieces. Not only this, but the clothes reflect and highlight the important influence of nature on Emily’s Dickinson’s work. The overall glamour and 60’s fashion influence is updated and Xuzhi does a great job as a designer, updater and modernising his woman.